The Golden Ring

The Golden ring tour includes visits to the national parks “Altyn-Emel”, “Charyn”, “Kolsay lakes”, “Ili-Alatau”, Bartogoi reservoir —  Zharkent city, Belzhailau plateau.

Altyn-Emel national Park is the largest and the most famous nature reserve in Kazakhstan. Located 300 km from Almaty, in the valley of the Ili river. This is a unique natural complex of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, rare and endangered species of plants and animals.

It includes unique objects of nature like the singing dunes, the mountains of Aktau and Katutau, stones of Genghis Khan, Shokan Valikhanov spring.

Zharkent City. The most significant attraction is the Zharkent mosque, built in 1895 from the Tien Shan spruce by the Chinese architect Hong-Pik. The minaret is surrounded by 52 columns, the interior is decorated with Arabic script using national ornaments. The impression made by the mosque, built in the style of a Chinese pagoda, remains without exaggeration for many years. It turns out that three similar buildings were built: a temple in Shanghai, a mosque in Kulja, and a mosque in Zharkent.

The temple in Shanghai was destroyed when China began to build socialism, and the mosque in Kulja burned down. During its 116-year history, the Zharkent mosque has one throuh a lot, but it has survived. In 1910, the mosque withstood a major earthquake. Many buildings in the city were reduced to rubble, and it only received some damage. And in 1965, a hurricane wind swept through Zharkent, but the structure resisted this natural cataclysm. In different years, the building was used for warehouses and granaries, people lived in it, and every year it fell into more and more decline.

Zharkent residents could have completely lost this ancient monument if the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the CP of the Republic Dinmukhamed Kunaev had not visited it in the late 70’s. After this visit, restoration work began in the mosque, and the monument was taken under state protection.

Plateau Belzhalau. Beautiful foothills of the Dzungarian Alatau, located not far from the city of Zharkent.

Zhailau means summer pasture. Actually, this is what we will see around us-yurts, shepherds, cattle. A slow, measured life. Compared to the heat of Zharkent, here, as in any foothills, it is fresh and good. They say that in this place there was a battle of the Kazakhs with the superior forces of the Dzungars. Having blocked the gorge in the narrowest place, the Kazakhs did not allow the Dzungars to pass.

Kolsay lakes national Park. A visit to lake Kolsai and Kaindy. Incredible mountain lakes of a  tectonic origin.

Charyn National Park  you will get acquainted with amazing canyons of a  stunning beauty. Landscapes will take you to the atmosphere of the wild West, because the Charyn canyon, without a doubt, can be put on a par with the famous Grand canyon in America. The tour program includes visits to the Valley of Castles, Bestamak and Temerlik canyon, Clay canyon.

Bartogay Reservoir. Bartogai reservoir is located at an altitude of 1010 meters above sea level, 175 km from Almaty, in the Western part of the Syugatinsky intermountain depression, at the intersection of its valley of the Chilik river.

The floodplain of the Chilik river is blocked by a 60-meter rock-fill dam with a length of 330 meters, which formed a reservoir. The total capacity of Bartogai is 320 cubic meters, the area of the water mirror is 13 square kilometers.

“Ili-Alatau” national Park. Turgen Canyon, Assy Plateau.

Turgen Canyon is famous for its beauty and waterfalls.  There are seven of them. The most accessible waterfall is the Bear waterfalls, the trail goes through a picturesque canyon and its length is about 1.5 km. The height of the fall of the stream is 30 meters, this is a favorite place of tourists.

The Assy plateau is a breathtaking valley in between two mountains, more than 40 km long and 15 km wide, located at an altitude of 2700 m above sea level.

Along the route, you will see various natural and climatic zones from Alpine meadows to semi-deserts, plunge into the era of the ancient Saks, see barrows and burial grounds, observe the petroglyphs.

You can learn more about these wonderful objects of nature taking our one-day and two-day tours.