Big Almaty lake – The Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory (city Panorama)

Route length: 50 km (100 km round trip)

Travel time to the location: 1.5 hours

Seasonality: all year round

Best time to travel: May to October

Walking duration: 1 day

Why should I visit this place?

BAL is one of the most accessible tourist places and trails in 15 km from the city, located in the picturesque Almarasan Canyon;

BAL is sometimes called the pearl of the Tien Shan mountains, it is worth seeing;

Along the way, you will see the upper Almaty high-pressure hydroelectric power station operating since 1953, the Tien Shan astronomical Observatory, old research centers, telescopes, and mountain peaks up to 6000 m high.

We will take a hike tour to the pass-3400 meters above the sea level, from which where the panorama of the city opens.

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Big Almaty lake, BAL