Charyn canyon

Route length: 211 km (422 km round trip)

Travel time to the location: 4-5 hours

Seasonality: all year round

Best time to travel: April 15 – June 15, September 1 – October 30

Walking duration: 1 day.

Charyn canyon is located 195 km from Almaty, and this place is definitely worth a visit. The stunning beauty of the landscape will take you into the atmosphere of the wild West, because the Charyn canyon, without a doubt, can be put on a par with the famous Grand canyon in the United States of America.

Some facts about the canyon:

• the length of the canyon is 154 km along the Charyn river;

• it is a natural monument composed of sedimentary rocks that are about 12 million years old;

• is actually the bottom of the Tethys proto-ocean;

• the height of the steep mountains of the canyon reaches 150-300 meters;

• the most beautiful place is considered to be the valley of Castles, its length is about 3 km, width-20-80 m.

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Charyn canyon, valley of castles